interference [dac] – Cross medium light wave distortions   [feature on creative applications ]   jun 2017

“Created by Technical Earth (Mo H. Zareei + Jim Murphy), interference [dac] is an audiovisual installation that explores the combination and interaction of waveforms in one medium with those of another.”

machine brut(e), temporal monolithism   [feature in neural: issue 56 / e-music ]   may 2017

“the correlation between sound and architecture has been frequently articulated on the notion of space as the primary medium through which sound and structures can be expressed. rarely, instead, have specific architectural principles been applied to sound, applying this kind of transdisciplinarity to composition.”

the look of sound   [interview with radio new zealand ]   may 2017

“sound artists mo h. zareei and jim murphy to producer zoe george about their inspiration behind the piece, how to translate sound into visual, and how they hope their piece will resonate with the audience.”

artist gives brutalist architecture a singing voice   [feature on kill screen ]   may 2016

“this idea of the conventionally ‘non-interesting’ being sensually accessible, strongly comes through in his work, which will likely evoke a sensory reaction in all its viewers, in one way or another.”

brutalist architecture informs a series of sound-sculptures   [feature on the creators project ]   may 2016

“much like the music of idm masters autechre, there isn’t simply beauty in the repetition and geometry of the audio, but in the tonal qualities of the sound. so, much like brutalist architecture, there is a depth to zareei’s machine brut(e) that isn’t immediately accessible, but most certainly there.”

θr: a sound and light installation   [interview with radio new zealand ]   sep 2015

“the lux festival brought crowds to wellington’s waterfront each evening last week, and among the works was θr, an audiovisual kinetic sculpture by mo zareei and jim murphy.”

 these brutalist-inspired instruments redefine the meaning of industrial music  [ review on ]   may 2015

“when zareei’s instruments play together their noise is harsh and propulsive, sounding like a warehouse rave for robots. the strict grid-like structure of the music stays true to brutalist architecture, known for its ordered pragmatism.”

sound-sculptures put on an electrifying musical performance   [feature on ]   may 2015

“created by electronic musician mo h. zareei, rasper, mutor and rippler are a mechatronic sound-sculpture trio inspired by brutalist architecture — a form of design that had originated from the french word for “raw concrete” and experienced popularity throughout the 1950s to mid-1970s. for this project, the maker grouped instruments by material and sound production mechanisms into three categories.”

mechatronic sound-sculptures by mo H. zareei   [feature on  creative applications]   may 2015

“created by mo H. zareei, rasper, mutor and rippler are three mechatronic sound-sculptures inspired by brutalist architecture. the instruments are grouped into three different categories, based on the material and sound production mechanism they employ.”

mo zareei’s kinetic sound-sculptures   [feature on  streaming museum]   mar 2015 

“the story and kinetic sound sculptures of mo H. zareei, his brutalist noise ensemble, and the brutalist architecture in tehran and artists that influenced him – trimpin, bernier, messier, zimoun, and Pe Lang, and others.”

mo H. zareei: gradient   [interview with sounz]   mar 2015

sound design combines with sculpture and engineering to create a series of multimedia installation works that bring the audible sense into the focus of our perception. featuring works by: blake johnston, mo H. zareei, paul mathews, timothy barraclough, richard robertshawe, jason wright.

 robotics and music of the future   [interview with radio new zealand]   nov 2014

“it is pure functionality that drives his designs, but he insists that they are intended for use as both musical instruments for performance and audio- visual installation in an art gallery context.”>

performance arcade music series: meet mHz of the sonic arts collective   [interview with vanguard red magazine]   feb 2014

“housed inside shipping containers, the performance arcade brings together visual arts, stage performance and live music in an “exhibition event” format, with a pop-up bar attached. in the lead-in to the launch of this years edition, and during, we will be running a series of interviews with some of the artists showcasing. today martyn pepperell interviews mHz of the sonic arts collective.”

 mHz ~ Hg   [review on a closer listen]   oct 2013

“Hg is a dynamic debut from a young composer who is willing to take risks right out of the gate. from the sound of this ep, every move has paid off. a clear concept and crisp execution are the marks that we expect will lead to a successful career.”