mHzKontrolmHzKontrol is a custom-built MIDI controller, designed and developed by Mo H. Zareei. The device uses 32 multi-functional buttons, 8 sliders, 4 knobs, and 4 infrared sensors, providing the performer with a full variety of continuous and static controls. the device uses an Arduino board to convert the sensors’ data to MIDI messages (see hiduino). it is powered by and connected to the computer via USB.


PCB boardthe circuit board is designed as a custom Arduino shield that sits on top of the Arduino Mega 2560. All the wires are plugged into receptacles, which are soldered on the topside of the board.


the programming is done in Arduino. therefore, the uploaded code on the Arduino board can be altered at any time, providing unlimited degrees of freedom. the user can easily manipulate how each control functions, create different states, scenes, and modes as desired.

mHzKontrol : Design Sketchdesign

mHzKontrol’s unique design is an effort to boost the audiovisual aspects of the electronic music performance . the top surface of enclosure is slanted towards the audience, so that the performer’s interaction with the device and the resulting sound manipulation could be observed clearly.

using infrared sensors takes mHzKontrol from a simple MIDI controller into a gestural interface. the performer’s mhzKontrolFrontinteraction with the infrared sensors –which can be thought of as invisible vertical sliders– is
projected through the corresponding LEDs mounted to the front facet of the enclosure, providing further visual feedback for the audience.

following video is a short demonstration of the device, using a Reaktor patch that is specifically made for mHzKontrol.