mo H. zareei aka mHz is a an electronic musician, sound artist and a researcher. using custom-built software and hardware, his experiments with sound cover a wide range from electronic compositions to kinetic sound-sculptures and audiovisual installations. regardless of the medium, zareei’s creations are particularly targeted at the point where noise meets grid-based structures. he has exhibited his work at international events and festivals including the international symposium on electronic art (vancouver & dubai), new interfaces for musical expression conference (london), modern body festival (the hague), international conference on auditory display (new york), international computer music conference (perth), and lux light festival (wellington).

zareei’s sound-sculptures have been featured on streaming museum, creative applications, creators project, and fast co. design. his installation rasping music was the recipient of the 1st prize for sound art in the sonic arts award 2015.

zareei holds a b.s. in physics from shahid beheshti university of tehran and a b.f.a. in music technology from california institute of the arts. he recently completed his ph.d. research on the intersections of brutalism and sound art at victoria university of wellington, new zealand, where he is a lecturer at new zealand school of music and school of engineering and computer science.